APFT Calculator for Android

There are already several Army Physical Fitness Test calculators in the Market but they're all paid apps, this one is free. Once I add the ability to send an XFDL-formatted DA 705 my program should totally rock. Also I need to fix the algorithm...my algorithm knowingly makes false assumptions. Why did DA have to make the standards so difficult to automate?

Install using the Market or QR code on the right side of this screen.

Version 0.1.1-ALPHA:
  • Added basic height/weight pass/fail calculator. This was a bear - I ended up creating a program to automate programming: hw.csv, hw.pl, check.java.
  • Reorganized GUI...now there's a startup screen.
  • Per request, I've added a promotion points calculator for all you aspiring SGT's/SSG's.
Version 0.1.2-ALPHA:

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