Numpad for Android

My brother Thomas recommended I write a program that lets you use your Android handset as a numpad, for people who don't have full keyboards on their laptops. I was surprised such a program didn't already exist. So here it is.

Android Client:
Install Numpad through the Market. If you can't find it just scan the QR code at the right of this screen.

Windows Client:
Older Version
Current Version

The Windows executable is a basic C# program that uses InputSimulator.

  • Better buttons
  • Aggressive network autoconnection
  • Separate client/server threads
  • Update detection on Windows client
  • Cleaner exit
  • better UI
  • more aggressive network autoconnection
  • Windows client update detection
  • cleaner exits
  • new icons
  • status button at top left
  • experimental media and presentation buttons
  • ad-support

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