Weather Perl Program

UPDATE 280135ZAUG2009: made some massive improvements!

So I found some inspiration to start coding today and ended up writing a pretty cool little Perl program that takes a latitude/longitude coordinate, goes through a large list of ZIP codes and finds the ZIP code nearest the provided grid coordinate. Then it uses the Weather::Google Perl module to find the current conditions for that grid.

To Do: Follow-up 290125ZAUG2009:

Original Version: Download. I use Strawberry Perl on my Windows computer. You'll probably need to use CPAN to install Weather::Google and Text::CSV::Simple.

Second Version: Download. This one requires Geo::Coordinates::UTM and maintains the dependencies from the previous program. This distribution also includes new, smaller databases and the Perl program I wrote to generate those small databases.

Chris Michels page on latitude/longitude distance calculation was helpful in creating this program.

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